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“A Great Leader is a Great Listener.”

You’ve seen and heard this phrase quite a lot.

This phrase implies that “Listening is a core leadership quality".

You don’t wait to be in a leadership situation to start listening.  It’s through your listening abilities that you become a leader. 

Good listeners have the ability to sense and envision potential projects or problems before anyone else. They understand and have the courage to take the necessary actions to the benefit of everyone.

What do we mean by “Leader”?

Leaders today demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills, enable creativity and innovation and handle complexity, ambiguity and change. They are able to manage and communicate across cultures and paradigms as well as inspire people towards performance and success.

What is your level of satisfaction with your communication skills?
A sender alone does not communicate. Communication takes place only when a receiver (e.g. a listener) is willing to pay attention to the sent message.
This short five-question test on your Listening awareness may lead you to decide to develop your listening abilities.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

• When do I listen?
• When am I listened to?
• What are the results in each of these cases?
and these :

• What do others say about my listening abilities?
• How do I feel when I am listened to?

Why would you listen?

When you decide to listen, it’s for a purpose, or a goal.

  • to learn and grow
  • for a more effective communication with others
  • to give the gift of listening to the ones you care for
  • to simply avoid losing information, clients, health, time, opportunities...
  • and money.

What do we mean by “listening abilities”?

The innate part of Listening is what has made you survive so far.
But that’s not enough to participate in a meaningful conversation, and certainly not sufficient to lead a decision-making meeting.
Listening abilities are a set of skills that we englobe under the term “Listening”.

• hear, process, interpret, evaluate, assign meaning, integrate with previous knowledge…
• tame or bypass internal and external noise, manage emotions...
• use of thinking time, master silence and the Art of questions (to name a few ;-)

When you’re an effective listener, you also cover several other areas of communication such as: nonverbal language (body language, aural language), the use of your five senses and others (intuition, emotional intelligence, empathy).
When you’re an effective listener, you are a more effective speaker too!

Good news: Listening can be learned!

Once you’ve decided to learn effective listening, the benefits are huge. Even before you practice!
We’ve experienced that the minute you say that you’re in the process of developing your listening skills, people listen and speak to you differently.
And you already feel different. Because you said it to someone. Because you made a commitment.
And as soon as you learn to better use even just one of your listening skills, the reward is immense.

How do you proceed?

Start by getting aware of your own listening behaviors. Reinforce the useful ones and get rid of the ineffective ones.

If you’d like to test now your self-awareness on some of your current Listening behaviors,

In any case don't forget to leave your email address to receive an evaluation that will guide you to start working on your behaviors.

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Invest in yourself!

Your main asset is you. So treat yourself well and invest in yourself. Develop yourself in as many areas as are useful, to become the person that you are meant to be.

It doesn’t hurt to read books and meaningful articles on a subject. It just takes time. And the choice is so vast that some may be redundant with your current experience and knowledge.

Nothing beats experiential learning through reflection and practical exercises.
We can lead you straight to the point you want to reach through Leaders Today’s workshops and seminars.

Jean-François Mathieu uses his listening skills to lead projects as a music composer and founder of groups, orchestras, associations and companies.


His background in engineering combined with his extensive experience as a composer and teacher gives him a special edge to tackle complex problems through deep listening, reflection and quick action.


“Listening is the most basic and vital human communication skill, and unfortunately, the most neglected.”

Jean-François Mathieu is designing workshops and seminars to share with you his passion, knowledge and insights about the fascinating subject of Listening.


Listening Culture Designer of Leaders Today,

Member of the ILA International Listening Association (Minnesota USA),

Vice-President of Coach for Peace,

Composer for Eustache & Cie,

Composer and Improvisor for the collective pool Le CoCo

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Public Events

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Global event sponsored by the ILA International Listening Association

Theme for this year

“Listen - even when you disagree”

Participate to a Giant Listening Café through conversations in any language all around the globe!

For more info, please visit

Any of your ideas to make it a memorable day is welcome, contact Jean Francois Mathieu, Chair of the International Day of Listening 2018 [email protected]


Jean Francois Mathieu is honored to have been interviewed on his favorite topic:

the parallels between listening to music and listening to people.


The results of this conversation with Margaret Fitch-Hauser appears in the second edition of this exceptional book “Listening: Processes, Functions, and Competency” by Debra Worthington and Margaret Fitch-Hauser, under “Appreciative Listening”.


Buy the book through the ILA

Podcast series on Listening

Jean Francois Mathieu has been delighted to be interviewed by Oscar Trimboli for his wonderful podcast series on Listening.


The episode in which his figuring should be published in April.

Stay tuned.


We recommend the book “Deep Listening, impact beyond words” he published last year.

Interactive Talk on Appreciative Listening at the 37th International Listening Association Convention "Listening: A Labor of Love!" March 12th 2016, in Tucson, AZ.

Read Jean Francois Mathieu's impressions and comments on our Blog under "A Listeners' Convention?!"

Check also the ILA website

Past Public Events

Music as a tool to dissolve boundaries!

Jean Francois Mathieu presented at the 39th Annual ILA Convention "Listening Beyond Boundaries" on his favorite subject, the parallels between listening to music and listening to people.
The title of his presentation was “When you speak, you sing!" an interactive talk, where participants could experience the effect of listening to the music in each other’s voice as an additional tool to appreciate and understand the other person better. 

International Day of Listening 2016 / 2017

"Listening Makes Us Better Humans"

Have you heard?
The whole world is listening for the

International Day of Listening

"Be part of the conversation!"

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