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Harness the Collective Intelligence of your Organization with
The World Café

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation in your company
  • Gain more extensive feedback for a new strategy
  • Obtain broad support throughout your organization for a company culture change
  • Establish the mechanisms to implement the creative forces into effective innovation.

How does it work? 

The World Café methodology allows for a collaborative conversation where participants are encouraged to explore important questions, together in a casual setting. It is highly participatory and yields a huge number of opinions, ideas and proposals. The experience is energizing and the ease with which conversations flow is always a surprise and delight to the participants. 

These sessions create an easy, effective way to engage in meaningful conversations and foster collective intelligence that leads to collaborative action.  The conversation process itself creates new synergies, inspires and encourages action.

At the conclusion of a World Café, results are shared and analyzed for further follow-up.  

Key Design Principles of The World Café:

  • Create a hospitable environment
  • Explore critical questions
  • Encourage contribution from all attendees
  • Connect diverse perspectives
  • Share collective discoveries

World Café can be conducted for a minimum of 12 to several hundred attendees.

World Café will completely change the way you run your meetings when

  • You think it is important for everyone to contribute to the discussion
  • Your goal is to identify emerging trends, commonalities and differences in opinion
  • You want to stimulate creativity and innovation
  • It is key for your meeting to be a shared learning experience
  • You want your participants to remember it as an extraordinary event

Implementing the output of the World Café

World Café meetings yield a large amount of ideas, we will help you structure all this information, analyze it and prepare an implementation plan for any change or innovation you wish to deploy as a result.

What Participants say about the World Café

  • Excellent way to overcome barriers.
  • If everyone could participate to a single World Café in their life, the world would be a
        better place
  • It provides an opportunity to talk face to face with people from different backgrounds. 
  • The best experience ever in interacting with members from different countries with
  • Very good to interaction between people of different disciplines, to get varied and 
        valuable input.
  • Apparent opposites managed to focus on a common achievable theme.
  • Excellent diversity of discussion in a positive and engaging environment.
  • Well organized and organic way of interacting.
  • Great to get ideas from professionals of diverse backgrounds and countries
  • Excellent way to interact openly and share new ideas.
  • It is a wonderful way of creating synergies..
  • Excellent to brainstorm and foster innovative thinking.
  • I appreciated the open way in which people could express opinions.
  • Great for brainstorming and quickly reaching action items.

Saba, Your World Café Host

In her own words 

 I have designed, organized and facilitated many international World Cafés for hundreds of delegates from almost all nations in the world. 

These events were conducted in a variety of contexts and on different topics: high-technology, international agreements, sustainability, gender parity, strategy development and innovation. Irrespective of the content, the process is always effective and uplifting.

The World Café makes it possible to gather a large group of people and have heart-to-heart conversations that lead to concrete, positive business results. 

When I first encountered The World Café methodology, I was immediately fascinated by its powerful effectiveness to bring a large number of people together around a truly collaborative conversation, combined with the apparent simplicity and elegance of the tool. 

I was fortunate to meet David Isaacs, one of the authors of this method, and to be one of the first to introduce the methodology in the area where I live, Geneva, Switzerland, a city of peace-making organizations, finance and high-technology. 

The World Café has since been embraced in many organizations as a tool to empower their communities, engage them in open dialogue and positive change processes. 

The World Café is an extraordinary and powerful tool that will help you harness the collective intelligence of your group and make everyone feel connected around an important idea. Be prepared to tackle a rich and abundant outcome!


The World Café was developed by Juanita Brown, PhD and David Isaacs  (1996) and now comprises a wide global  community of practitioners.

Contact us for more information on organizing a World Café for you.

World Cafés by Saba Imru - videos 

ITU World Café Event: Engendering Change, ITU Council,  July 2012,  Geneva, by ITU videos

United Nations World Summit on Information Society - WSIS Forum,  May 2015, Geneva, Switzerland, by ITU videos


World Cafés by Saba Imru - photos

WSIS Forum 2013 - WSIS+10 Visioning Challenge, WSIS Beyond 2015

United Nations World Summit on Information Society - WSIS Forum,  May 2013, Geneva
by ITU pictures

Patent Round Table@ITU Word Café 2012

ITU Patent Round Table World Café, 
October 2012, Geneva. Switzerland

by ITU pictures


Coach for Peace World Café,
October 2010, Grenoble, France, by C4P pictures


Association Ressources World Café,

March 2008, Ornex, France, by C4P pictures