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What is a coaching culture?


Organization that have built a coaching culture value the development of talent, and foster a positive, collaborative work place.  They have made a deliberate and systematic effort to make coaching an integral element of their leadership strategy, and have developed coaching skills in all their workforce.  In a coaching culture, performance is the result of constant learning, empowerment and accountability.   


           “....   a culture where people coach each other all the time as a natural part of 

               meetings, reviews and one-on-one discussions of all kinds.”

Professor Alison Hardingham,

Hanley Business School, University of Reading

(cited in Clutterbuck & Meggison, 2005, Making Coaching Work)

A coaching culture is present when...all members of the culture fearlessly engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectively use feedback as a powerful learning tool to produce personal and professional development, high-trust working relationships, continually-improving job performance, and ever-increasing customer satisfaction.

Thomas Crane, MBA, OD consultant, coach, author, 

(cited in Pullen & Crane 2011, International Journal of Coaching in Organizations) 


Key features

When coaching is embedded as a natural way of leading, learning and communicating it enables organizations to:

Boost performance and save time by developing each individual's potential for creativity, productivity and autonomy 

Establish a learning environment where coaching is the norm and  employees are constantly developing their knowledge and skills 

Create a positive organizational climate by focusing on strengths and solutions, and establishing trusting relations

Focus on strengths as powerful drivers for constant improvement, job satisfaction and growth

Measurable benefits

A global survey by the International Coach Federation reveals that 80% of companies using coaching made back at least their investment and 70% showed improved performance.  A recent ICF study reports  57% improved team functioning and 56% improved engagement in companies that have a coaching culture.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, over 90% of respondents in a UK survey stated that coaching takes place in their organizations, and a distinct correlation between coaching, organizational performance and employee satisfaction was visible. 

Numerous academic research  papers indicate that coaching by managers increases employee learning, satisfaction at work and effectiveness. It also enhances leadership capabilities in those who use coaching regularly as part of their leadership style. 


How to create a coaching culture

Creating your coaching culture will involve some or all of the steps listed below, depending on how far you are already in the process.  We will create a tailor-made culture change and coach training program for you based on your specific needs. 

Executive Coaching for LeadersUse external coaches for managers, leaders or high-potential employees so they experience being coached and can benefit from the results of this extraordinary tool for professional development. 

Coaching Skills Training for Leaders, Managers and HR experts: Train your staff to develop coaching skills as part of their leadership style so as to embed this dynamic learning approach across their organization. 

Set up an Internal Coaching Desk: Designate internal coaches to champion and coordinate coaching activities within the organization and support managers in their new coaching leadership style.

Peer Coaching: Train all employees in coaching skills so that peer coaching can occur and coaching becomes a regular way of knowledge sharing, trust building and driving for concrete results.

Strategy Alignment: Make coaching a key factor in your leadership and performance strategy. Monitor and measure the results of coaching in your organization, and how it impacts the bottom line. 

Perhaps you're not sure what to start with. When can help identify your strategic starting point, and develop the step needed to achieve a coaching culture in your organzation.

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