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International Leadership Development

Leadership and coaching skills, solutions for complex global settings

By learning coaching skills and adopting a coaching attitude, your managers and leaders develop a strategic solution focus and easily acquire the soft-skills to positively influence and lead in turbulent times.  

Our business is to develop excellent leadership and coaching skills in your organization. 


Leader Coach

Leaders  who use coaching in their leadership style boost performance and save time. They develop each individual staff member's potential for creativity and productivity, through a solution-focused mindset and time-saving coaching conversations.

Coaching is the new form of leadership for the 21st century. It is adapted to a highly professionalized workforce and the specific challenges of complex global settings.

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Coaching Culture

Top research in the field indicates that effective leaders today coachThey coach their teams and use coaching skills to engage with peers, clients and stakeholders.   They ask the right questions to solve complex problems, and empower others to grow.

An organization with a coaching culture values the development of talent, leverages creativity and innovation. It fosters collaboration and  a positive learning environment.  Studies show that a coaching culture helps organizations be reactive, flexible and highly productive in today's complex global settings.

A coaching culture is the natural bridge from old to new leadership approaches.


Music as a tool to dissolve boundaries!

Jean Francois Mathieu co-presents with Peter Forbes at the 39th Annual ILA Convention "Listening Beyond Boundaries"

Active listening to music can dissolve personal, social and cultural boundaries and blocks. Hear, listen and become aware of your own melody and the melody of others’ voices as an additional tool to appreciate and understand the other person better.

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Why companies are training their managers to have coaching skills

Managers who coach, develop their team members’ capabilities, making them more independent.  By  using coaching techniques, they support their staff to learn quickly, find their own solutions and solve problems more effectively.  They save time and create a positive work environment.

Saba @TEDx Lausanne

This year's theme is "Homo futuris"

7 May 2018, Lausanne,  Information and registration 

Coaching Skills workshops at WHO

"Identifying what you want from your future, why you want it and how to achieve it."

Saba Imru Mathieu interviewed by Veronica Reimer on  the UN Special, after her coaching skills workshops at the World Health Organization.

What’s different about a coaching conversation?

Coaching is helpful, because it allows people to think things out by themselves more clearly, to find solutions, set meaningful goals and achieve them. It is an energizing and empowering process that is beneficial for the employee, the leader and the company.  A leader coach does not always tell, instead they asks questions to open up new avenues of thought.

Leader Coach training

No need to be a designated leader to be a Leader Coach! Join TEDx Speaker Saba Imru-Mathieu and learn coaching skills to develop excellent relations at work, boost your presence and confidence.

What is a Coaching Culture? 


Free Webinar, 4 pm CEST, 30 May 2018

What is a Coaching Culture and how do you
build it?  A 30 min introductory webinar + Q&A


World Cafe at the United Nations World Summit on Information Society


Collaboration, inclusiveness, facilitating the emergence of the collective intelligence of a diverse community are all essential ingredients for the success of large-scale international multi-stakeholder meetings.  Listen to Saba Imru Mathieu explain how these play out.


We offer foundation coaching skills courses for managers, team leaders, HR specialists and entrepreneurs who want to upscale the leadership capabilities.  Our training is based on recent, top research in coaching, leadership and adult learning. It is highly experiential and firmly grounded in the participants' work reality.

All the essential leader coach skills packed in an intensive 2-day workshop. Open to all beginners in coaching, or as refresher.

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An introduction to the complex art of listening, the first leadership competence available as a 1/2 day workshop.

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In the special-focus courses participants learn  targeted coaching and leadership skills for specific workplace situations.  These courses are available as stand-alone or combined learning activities.


Coaching is a highly customized learning process for individuals or teams that is increasingly being adopted by organizations because of it's effectiveness. Executives, leaders, employees and who are coached by a qualified professional, obtain striking improvements in performance, leadership, strategic thinking, interpersonal relations, influence and impact.  

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Listening is the first leadership skill.
Good listeners have the ability to sense and envision potential projects or problems before anyone else. They understand and have the courage to take the necessary actions to the benefit of everyone. Leaders who coach develop excellent listening skills.

Listening is a core quality one needs to become an effective Leader


Most organizations today have a global component, regional branches in different parts of the world, a diverse and multicultural workforce, clients and stakeholders from different countries. We help you develop leaders with strong skills in four key areas of global leadership. 

* Relational Excellence * Flexibility  * Global Mindset * Innovation *


Open a creative space for collaborative strategic thinking and leverage your organization's collective intelligence with The World Café, a systemic, large scale collaborative meeting methodology. It is an extraordinary and powerful tool that will harness the knowledge and experience of your group and translate it into action. 


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