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Today's leaders need to excel on many fronts and manage unprecedented complexity. They must have relational excellence to create trusting relations and strong partnerships, that guide their organization in complex, global settings. 

They need to handle the huge pressure of uncertainty and an unpredictable future with flexibility. They must manage change and continually innovate to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. 

They need a global mindset to reach beyond cultural boundaries and inspire an international workforce.

By adopting a coaching attitude and learning coaching skills, leaders develop a strategic solution focus and easily acquire the soft-skills to positively influence and lead in turbulent times.  


On the basis of top research in the field, we know that effective leaders today coach.  They coach their teams and use coaching skills to engage with peers, clients and stakeholders.  They ask the right questions to solve complex problems, and they empower others to grow.

Our business is to develop excellent leadership and coaching skills in your organization. 


International Day of Listening 2017
Tip #2 "Prepare to listen"

Self-Leadership - Watch the info video

Jean François Mathieu, Listening Culture Designer presents the Composer's Approach to Listening to people.  At the convergence of art and management he has devised a unique and intriguing technique for leaders to listen more deeply and effectively.


What is a Coaching Culture and Why Should You Care?

Free Webinar, 4 pm CEST, 29 August 2017

What is a Coaching Culture and how do you
build it?  A 30 min introductory webinar + Q&A


Coaching, the fast lane to soft skills

If you’re not really sure about how to acquire the fuzzy soft skills, learn how to coach. You will be able to forge the right mindset and easily master the behaviors that are indicators of a high mastery of soft skills.

What’s different about a coaching conversation?

Coaching is helpful, because it allows people to think things out by themselves more clearly, to find solutions, set meaningful goals and achieve them. It is an energizing and empowering process that is beneficial for the employee, the leader and the company.  A coach does not tell, instead
she asks questions.

World Cafe at the United Nations World Summit on Information Society

Collaboration, inclusiveness, facilitating the emergence of the collective intelligence of a diverse community are all essential ingredients for the success of large-scale international multi-stakeholder meetings.  Listen to Saba Imru Mathieu explain how these play out.



An organization with a coaching culture values the development of talent, leverages creativity and innovation. It fosters collaboration and  a positive learning environment.  Studies show that a coaching culture has huge benefits for an organization to be reactive, flexible and highly productive in today's complex global settings.

A coaching culture is the natural bridge from command and control to contemporary leadership approaches.



Developing solid coaching skills in your organization is at the heart of building a coaching culture. 

Managers who use coaching in their leadership style boost performance and save time. They develop each individual staff member's potential for creativity and productivity, through a solution-focused mindset and time-saving coaching conversations.

We offers foundation and advanced coaching skills training for managers, team leaders, HR specialists and professional coaches.

Coaching is the new form of leadership for the 21st century. It is adapted to a highly professionalized workforce and the specific challenges of complex global settings.

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It’s through your listening abilities that you become a leader. Good listeners have the ability to sense and envision potential projects or problems before anyone else. They understand and have the courage to take the necessary actions to the benefit of everyone. Leaders who coach need to be excellent listeners.

When you’re an effective listener, you are a more effective speaker too!

Listening is a core quality one needs to become an effective Leader



Open a creative space for collaborative strategic thinking and harness your organization's collective intelligence with The World Café, a systemic, large scale collaborative meeting methodology.

Participants are encouraged to explore important questions together, in a casual setting. It is highly participatory and yields a huge number of opinions, ideas and proposals. The experience is energizing and the ease with which conversations flow is always a surprise and delight to the participants. 

The World Café is an extraordinary and powerful tool that will help you harness the collective intelligence of your group and make everyone feel connected around an important idea.



Most organizations today have a global component, whether it's regional branches in different parts of the world, a diverse and multicultural workforce, or clients and stakeholders from different countries.  The demands on global leadership are multiple and tough. We help you develop leaders with strong skills in four key areas of global leadership. 

* Relational Excellence * Flexibility  * Global Mindset * Innovation *


We offer foundation and advanced coaching skills training for managers, team leaders, HR specialists and professional coaches.

Our training is based on recent,  top research in coaching, it is highly experiential and is firmly grounded in the participants' work reality.

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"I had the privilege of participating in a 10 module Coaching programme facilitated by Saba and I must say that the content and her teaching style shifted my perspective as a coach. I coach women from many different nationalities, cultures and religions, so increasing my own cultural awareness through her questioning was a very powerful process. Thank you, Saba."

Isabel Prieto, Professional Coach

We make sure your leadership development programs succeed by tailoring them exactly to your needs.  We offering blended learning solutions that combine face-to-face workshops, online modules and personal coaching so that participants can practice and embed the learning and new behaviors over a period of time, in their real work place situations. 

Participants acquire new leadership competences and coaching skills to lead their teams in specific challenging situations. 

Each program is available as a stand-alone training or they can be combined into an overall global leadership development program. 

Enjoyable, creative and useful program to bridge the worlds of listening to music and listening to discourse. I look forward to using some of the exercises demonstrated with my coaching clients. A great use of my time.

Jennifer Grau, MA, CLP

President Grau Interpersonal Communication


Coaching is a highly customized learning process that is increasingly being adopted by organizations because of it's effectiveness.  Executives, leaders and employees who are coached by a qualified professional, obtain striking improvements in performance, leadership, strategic thinking, interpersonal relations, influence and impact.  

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"Saba Imru is a very complete, balanced and well-prepared professional and human being. This makes her an excellent coach and counselor. I have greatly benefited from her gently challenging, skillful approach over the last couple of years. The added value of each of our sessions was tangible ! I warmly recommend her without reserve for any leader willing to question her/himself and to evolve." 

Frode Hvaring

Head of Human Resources, EBU-Eurovision

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC


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