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Winning Teams with Coaching

Who is it for?

Team coaching is used for teams that want to improve their interpersonal communication and enhance their performance.

- Management Teams: Executives with high organizational responsibilities who want to improve collaboration, or who need to ensure cohesive performance at a strategic time, such as the launch of an organizational change.

- Long-Standing Teams: Teams who need to refresh their dynamics and find more innovative ways to work together and produce better results.

- New Teams: Teams who have to quickly establish good communication processes and find cohesion to deliver expected results.

Some Results of Team Coaching:

  • Learn how to resolve conflicts in your team
  • Clarify roles and utilize all talents within the team
  • Focus energy on clear, common goals
  • Develop an authentic, respectful team spirit
  • Drive creativity and productivity
  • Embed behavioural changes following a training program

How does it work?

As with individual coaching, the agenda is set by the client. In this case all the team members, together with the sponsor when it's mandated by an organization, determine the objectives of the coaching process and the desired results.

Individual and team assessments are made at the beginning of the process to help the team members understand each other's communication styles and preferred methods of work. This is a crucial starting point in order to work together towards building a cohesive team and achieving individual and team goals.

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Statistics from ICF

99% of coaching clients are satisfied !

Extensive research has been done on coaching and why it is so successful. 

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