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International Leadership Development

Specialized courses enable participants to master targeted coaching and leadership skills for specific workplace situations.  

Each course is available as a stand-alone training or they can be combined into an overall global leadership development program. 

We also offer blended learning solutions that combine face-to-face workshops, online modules and personal coaching so that participants can practice and embed the learning and new behaviors over a period of time, in their real work place situations. 
Who It's For
HR professionals  who need to develop a strategic HR vision, manage performance and meet business needs

Learn how to positively influence stakeholders, and create the best climate for performance and well-being

Manage and fulfil stakeholders expections
Develop talent using coaching skills
Manage performance and learning with coaching skills
How to use coaching as a strategic HR leadership style
How to introduce coaching in your organization

Who It's For
Professionals who manage teams, projects and cross-sectional initiatives

Learn how to harness collective intelligence, motivate team members for performance and business results

The dynamics of groups and teams

The secret to aligning personal and team goals

How to create trust and stimulate motivation

The keys to team empowerement and accountability

Coaching skills to run effective team meetings

Who It's For
Professionals who manage projects and teams in complex global settings

Learn the key global leadership skills that will drive top performance beyond boundaries 

A global mindset for complex business challenges

Effective global leadership models and tools

How to excel in interpersonal skills across boundaries

How to foster resilience needed to navigate uncertainty

Advanced coaching skills to motivate virtual teams

Who It's For
Professionals who encourage creatives solutions and manage innovation processes

Learn how to implement services and processes that contribute to positive business expansion 

The unique characteristics of innovative organizations
The key difference between creativity and innovation
How to design an environment that promotes innovation
Practical tools for individual and team creativity
Advanced coaching skills to achieve innovative solutions

Who It's For
Professionals who work with a diverse, multicultural workforce, clients and stakeholders

Master effective coaching skills to communicate across cultures and acquire a global mindset. 

The impact of cultural perspectives in the workplace
Communication skills to honor diversity and tradition
Leverage multiculturalism for collaboration
A leadership style for diverse cultural expectations
Advanced coaching skills to bridge across cultures

Who It's For
Professionals who manage change processes and guide people through the transition phase

Learn how to address the complexities of change in the workplace 

The factors that impact your ability to implement change
The phases of change and how people experience them
How to create favorable transition conditions
Effective change implementation models
Advanced coaching skills for change management


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