Mathieu & Cie, Coaching and Consulting


International Leadership Development

Our Approach

Client needs and measurable objectives

For all our projects, whether it's an individual executive coaching, a skills training, or large-scale learning event, we follow a rigorous process that enables us, together with our clients, to focus and deliver on the exact client needs and measurable objectives. 

Close partnership with our Client
What characterizes our unique approach is a constant and close partnership with our client, to collect ideas and requirements, to monitor the unfolding of the project and to respond flexibly.  We are passionate about helping you develop leadership across your organization.

Managing the change process

Coaching and leadership training invite behavioral change, so we frame our interventions within a personal or organizational change process and provide all the support necessary for the transfer of learning and embedding of new behaviors.


Step 1  Assess

We take a systemic approach to the needs analysis, involving all the stakeholders to target measurable objectives that will be reliable indicators of the success of the coaching or training.

Step 2  Research

After determining your needs, we will research the best possible academic or practitioner models and adapt these, or use our own frameworks to provide an optimum solution.

Step 3 Design

Your unique situation warrants a unique design.  Although we have foundation structures for all our offers, these will be adapted exactly to your specific needs to create sustainable and lasting change. Our designs are based on state of the art in coaching and leadership research and are flexible so as to meet evolving needs.

Step 4  Deploy

We use different types of interventions: coaching, facilitation, consulting,  training, blended learning, action learning and more. Your projects are deployed by highly qualified professionals with tested coaching or training background, sound theoretical and applied knowledge and extensive experience.

Step 5  Evaluate

Setting measurable objectives is key to subsequent meaningful evaluation.  We use  different evaluation methodologies to guage the impact of coaching, training and change processes in terms of learning, personal development, organizational climate, business results and return on investment.

Step 6  Report

At the end of each project, small or large, we provide a report (respecting participants' condifentiality) on the process and outcomes of the intervention, relevant analytics and recommendations.

Step 7  Send-off

Up completion, we  wrap up by providing a sustainability and follow-up guide so as to support the Client's autonomy for that given project.  When possible, we like to part on a celebratory tone to acknowledge everyone's  effort and contribution to the project,