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International Leadership Development



Coaching has multidisciplinary roots in management, philosophy, psychology, education, business, leadership and sports. We draw on best, current academic research and practitioner literature to inform our approach which includes client-centered, solution-focused, behavioral, cognitive behavioral, integrative goal-focused, appreciative, and intercultural coaching.   

Our coaching style is  positive, developmental, results-oriented and supports the client to achieve visible, measurable outcomes.   

Coaching is available for individuals and for teams. It can take place face-to-face or virtually, on or off site.


The transfer of learning to the work place is one of the biggest challenges of any learning and development program, especially when the learning outcome requires new behaviors. Our learning programs have a sound theoretical foundation in adult education studies, are firmly ground in best practice for adult learning, and informed by new discoveries in the neuroscience of learning. 

We use innovative methodologies, including social, collaborative and blended learning during and beyond the training days, to support sustainable transfer of knowledge and long-term behavioral change.

Training is available on site or off site in selected Swiss Alpine or lake-side venues.


We specialize in the facilitation of systemic, collaborative events, using The World CafĂ© methodology. This is a highly participatory meeting format, involving everyone in vibrant, generative conversations which yield a huge number of opinions, ideas and proposals.  

Co-creation through collaboration is essential in today's complex global settings, and this is an excellent method to leverage the collective intelligence of your organisation, and involve everyone to be active contributors to organizational development.
We have extensive experience also in the facilitation of high-level Management Team meetings,  high-performance project management meetings, and conflict resolution meetings, using the appropriate models and tools.

We can design and facilitate collaborative meetings of any size from from a few to hundreds of participants.

Change management

A successful learning experience through coaching or training involves a change in mindset and a change in behavior. That is why we frame our interventions within a structured change process - whether it's an individual, team or organizational change that is required -  to help our clients move easily through each stage of change.

In our work we must consider the people aspect of change management such as motivation, dynamics of change, resistance, and adaptation.  Our methodologies are based on behavioral, cognitive and humanistic approaches to change.

This involves linking change goals to motivation, taking into account the emotional impact and supporting our clients with clear guidelines and tools on how to make the most of the transformative nature of a learning experience.

For Individuals

Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Steps I & II

Katharine Cook Briggs & Isabel Briggs Myers

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

Kenneth W. Thomas & Ralph H. Kilmann

Organizational Influence Strategies

David Kipnis & Stuart M. Schmidt

Social Skills Inventory

Ronald E. Riggio

Authentic Leadership Questionnaire 

Bruce J. Avolio, William L. Gardner, & Fred O. Walumbwa

Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire 

Bernard M. Bass & Bruce J. Avolio

Barron-Welsh Art Scale for Creativity

Frank Barron & George S. Welsh

For Organizations

Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)

Robert Quinn & David Cameron

Organizational Description Questionnaire (ODQ) 

Bernard M. Bass & Bruce J. Avolio

Work Environment Scale (WES)

Rudolf H. Moos & Paul M. Insel

Culture Compass 

Gert Hofstede