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Leader Coach

Who it's for

Leaders, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to develop leadership and coaching skills to engage and empower staff, peers and stakeholders.

You do not need to be appointed to a leadership position to attend.

It designed it for everyone who wants to develop their leadership through coaching skills, establish excellent relations at work, boost their presence, improve performance and create a fulfilling worklife.    


Coaching is a core component of leadership today.  The Leader Coach program builds on top research in both leadership and coaching. It enables participants
to develop powerful practical skills that they can immediately use at work.


What participants experience

The course is dynamic and highly interactive. Participants are immersed in experiential activities, and hands-on practice. It is an opportunity to share  insights with peers and discover highly relevant research-based content that makes leading and managing so much easier.  


Learn a unique combination of leadership and coaching competences that you can easily implement at work.

  • The distinctive features of workplace coaching
  • Essential coaching competences for work
  • How to integrate coaching into your leadership style
  • How to easily discern when to coach, mentor, teach or direct
  • How to create trust, engagement and job satisfaction through coaching 
  • Coaching for empowerment and accountability
  • Key scientific concepts that underpin leadership and coaching
  • How to engage in impromptu coaching for immediate problem-solving
  • How to plan longer-term coaching for employee development
  • And a pack of evidence-based tools and techniques 


Integrate these impact leadership behaviors: 

  • Increased self-confidence and leadership presence 
  • Develop trusting relations and engage in open dialogue
  • Viable and effective alternatives to command and control
  • Delegate, empower and inspire colleagues
  • Lower stress levels and increase engagement
  • Encourage a learning environment at work
  • Develop employees resulting in increased performance and productivity
  • Motivate, empower and ensure accountability
  • Save time !

Acquire the 11 International Coach Federation
Coach Core Competences.


Meet your trainer Saba Imru-Mathieu, MA PCC

Executive Leadership Coach

Senior Coach Trainer

TEDx Speaker

This is an open-enrollment program

Companies who wish to register 4 or more participants can contact us for package registration options with a discount. 

This workshop is also available as an on-site training.

For information, write to [email protected]




Face-to-face workshop

This workshop familiarizes participants with coaching at work, how it differs from other management behaviors, and when it is appropriate to use it.  

They will practice two basic coaching skills, listening  and using powerful thought-provoking questions, and they will learn a simple coaching tool to help others set and achieve goals.


Same as the open-enrollment workshop (see above)


3-days face-to-face workshop
12 weekly online modules to stimulate and guide on-the-job practice
2 individual follow-up coaching sessions
1-day face-to-face integration workshop

This course covers the topics of the LEADER COACH FOUNDATIONS workshop
Advanced Leader Coach techniques to

  • give effective feedback
  • manage conflict
  • coach across cultures

......  and more!
It is a blended learning solution that ensures the skills are transferred to the job by supporting the participants over a 12-week period after the initial workshop.
During this period participants receive weekly online modules that encourage and support them to practice the various coaching tools they learned in the workshop. 

They get two individual coaching sessions during this period to discuss their progress and challenges. 

A final face-to-face workshop gathers all the new "Leader Coaches" for a day of debriefing and integration, and learning additional tools.
 Contact us for on-site training    [email protected]
Workplaces where humans thrive are possible! With a strong solution-focus, leaders who coach empower and develop talent in others.

In the press


"Identifying what you want from your future, why you want it and how to achieve it" - Veronica Reimer of the UN Special interviews Saba Imru Mathieu on coaching in global organizations

What professional bodies say

International Coaching Federation


Association for Talent Development


What our clients say

"The training fully met our needs for a specialized course for coaches working on the professional insertion of qualified migrant women. The content, documentation, balance between theory and practice, the exercises and group were most enriching. The experience and human qualities of the trainer were excellent."

Massia Kanneman, Coaching Manager, Geneva

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