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Jean François Mathieu, CE

Founding Partner and Listening Culture Designer of Leaders Today

Civil Engineer, Composer

Vice-President of Coach for Peace 

Composer at Eustache & Cie 

Composer and Improvisor at collective pool Le CoCo

Founder of La Diamanterie Productions


International Listening Association ILA (Minnesota, USA)

Société Suisse des Auteurs SSA

Coopérative Suisse des auteurs et éditeurs de musique SUISA

Association pour la Musique Improvisée AMR (Geneva, Switzerland)
Rezonance (Geneva, Switzerland)


Jean François Mathieu is Founding Partner of Leaders Today.

Listening Culture Designer in charge of the Listen & Lead Program.

Jean François designs and facilitates impactful workshops to develop leadership, and enhance individual and team performance through listening skills.

His background in engineering combined with his long career as a composer, performer and teacher gives him a special edge to tackle complex projects with both rigor and creativity,  through structure and improvisation, through deep, reflective listening and quick action.

Jean François is an experienced entrepreneur, having created companies and associations in both the business and performing arts field.  As a composer he is at the origin of important musical projects in Switzerland, with large orchestras, managing the entire production process from creation to performance. With dozens of successful projects, he has a track record of managing people and processes.

He teaches music, performance and improvisation for over 30 years now, helping adults grow artistically and personally. His holistic coaching style enables students to learn how to listen deeply to each other, work together in a group and  co-create a top-quality performance as a team.  The result is a huge gain in self-confidence and leadership in the musical field that students easily transfer to their personal and work life.

As Member and Contributor to the ILA - International Listening Association, his area of interest is on the role of listening in the workplace.

Today he dedicates his time to researching and teaching Listening within organizations, with a passion to make a difference in people's lives by helping them improve the quality of communication in their personal and professional lives. 

In his own words:

“My goal is to (re)awaken the Listener in everyone so that they can understand themselves and the world better.

Take a moment to think about this : Ears can go where eyes can't see.”

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