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About us

Leaders Today  is the flagship brand of Mathieu & Cie Coaching and Consulting, based in Geneva, Switzerland, a boutique firm that provides  high-quality organizational consulting, leadership development and executive coaching services for global organizations.

We specialize in developing excellence in leadership through the enhancement of individual and organizational coaching capabilities.  

We are a family business with a strong work ethos, a sense of purpose and values that guide all of our activities. Our work is our passion and we strive for excellence at the service of our clients. We have a positive outlook and believe that each individual and each company has an important role to play in the world. We are here to help our clients realize their vision.  

We have over 10 years experience in coaching, training and consulting for leadership and human resources development, with a track record of positively supporting our organizational and individual clients.

We work with selected highly qualified professionals who collaborate with us on our larger projects, depending on their specialization.

  • We specialize in developing excellence in leadership by enhancing individual and organizational coaching capabilities.

  • We know that when leaders who have strong coaching skills, they are personally fulfilled and able to communicate with others in a positive manner, they create a vibrant environment where everyone will thrive and contribute actively to the organizational goals.

  • Our leadership programs feature the development of leader-coach skills at the individual level and the introduction of a coaching culture at the organizational level. 

  • Our world-class executive coaching and leadership programs are based on top-level current research in leadership and coaching. 

  • Our programs have only one size, the one that fits our client precisely.  Unique clients deserve unique services.

Our mission

To help our clients create work environments that are vibrant and fulfilling, where everyone can be the best of who they are, live up to their aspirations and use their talents to contribute to the greater organizational mission.

Saba Imru-Mathieu, MA, PCC

Founding Partner

Executive Leadership Coach

Certified Master Coach IDC

Mentor Coach ICF 

Coach Trainer and Supervisor

Certified MBTI (Steps I & II) Practitioner

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Jean François Mathieu, CE
Founding Partner
Listening Culture Designer
Improvisation Coach
 Vice-President of Coach for Peace
Member International Listening Association